Distances from the nearest big cities:
Amsterdam – 170km
Düsseldorf – 260km
Bremen – 220km
Brussels – 320km
Berlin – 590km
Paris – 620km

Day 1
Date: 28th of October 2023 WORLD RANKING EVENT (confirmed by IOF)
Map: Bosberg (2018 and 2023), 2,5m interval 1:10.000; for M/W21. (1:7.500 for other categories)
Mapper: Gediminas Trimakas (Lithuania)
Distance: Middle Distance
1st start: 13:00CET

Day 2
Date: 29th of October 2023
Map: Havelte-West (2022) 2,5m interval, 1:10.000; for M/W21 and M18-45 (1:7.500 for other categories)
Mapper: Gediminas Trimakas (Lithuania)
Distance: Classic+
1st start: 10:00CET
Ps. Please be aware that the clock will change from summertime to wintertime in the early morning of 29th of October. (1 hour backwards so 1 hour extra sleep)


RCN is again offering discounted accommodation.

With an overnight stay of at least 3 nights from Friday 27 October 2023, we can offer participants a discount of 20% when renting out an accommodation; bungalow, chalet or mobile home.

The discount is NOT valid when booking a camping pitch, forest cabin or camping chalet.

Reservations are already possible. We will then manually add the discount and any reservation for breakfast or buffet at a later time. Would you like to mention as a comment when booking online;

HUNE ORIENTATION 2023 – breakfast date number of people – pasta buffet number of people.


It is possible to book breakfast on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at € 15.00 pp. Breakfast buffet will consist of: various sandwiches, savory and sweet toppings, boiled egg and scrambled egg and coffee or tea.

It is possible to book a pasta buffet on Saturday at € 19.50 pp. Pasta buffet will consist of three types of pasta, salad and baguette. The drinks will be on subsequent calculation.