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Terrain description

26th of october 2019  Stage 1: Bosberg (Middle Distance)

Terrain form:  Moderately hilly.

Vegetation: Mixed forest, a small built up area of a daycare facility, view tower and open air forest theatre.

Runnability: Good.

Visibility: Good to very good, apart from patches of dense forest.

Paths and roads: Dense network of paths, forest roads and mountain bike tracks.

27th of oktober 2019  Stage 2: Kale Duinen  (Classic+)

Terrain form: Moderately hilly.

Vegetation: A mixture of open heath land, sand and mixed forest.

Runnability: Good to excellent in the open part, tough in the forest parts.

Visibility: Very good in the open part, good in the wooded part.

Paths and roads: Developed network of paths and forest roads.