Accommodation details published on the website

Recently we presented holiday parc “RCN De Roggeberg” as our partner for the Drenthe 2 Days 2016. Last weeks we worked hard with “RCN De Roggeberg” to sort out the different options. Take a look at the accommodation menu and discover the different accommodation options they can offer you. Camping is available for € 45 for the weekend and a 4 person holiday house is available for € 163 for the weekend.(incl. cleaning, sheets and reservation costs)
You can even order your breakfast which will be brought to your house or camping pitch.

On Saturday after stage 1 “RCN De Roggeberg” will organize a pasta party for us all. You can book your place at the pasta party for € 15 and children 3-12 years for € 7,50 directly on the site of “RCN De Roggeberg”.

Remember, stage 2 will finish on “RCN De Roggeberg”, so staying at “RCN De Roggeberg” will make your competition very relaxed.

Look for more details on:

or go directly to:…/frie…/rcn-de-roggeberg/orienteringsloop

The pasta party can be booked:…/rcn-de-roggeberg/orienteringsloop/aanm…

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