RCN De Roggeberg is partner of the Drenthe 2 Days

We are proud to announce RCN “De Roggeberg” in Appelscha as a partner of our Drenthe 2 Days. RCN “De Roggeberg” is a holiday park near Appelscha and at the border of the “Kale Duinen”, the map of stage 2. Can you imagine walking from your own camper, caravan, tent or holiday home to the arena to start your race of Stage 2? You can check in RCN “De Roggeberg” prior to the Drenthe 2 Days but off course you can also decide to check in after Stage 1.

And what do think of a pasta buffet on Saturday evening after Stage 1? No hassle with cooking your own meal or buying your groceries but a nice meal together with other orienteers. The price will be attractive.The organising team will join you as well (after we’ve collected the controls of stage 1).

We will present the options and prizes soon including the site to reserve your own accommodation. Keep an eye on the site and Facebook.

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