Welcome Drenthe 2 Days 2023


We welcome you to the 2023 edition of the Drenthe 2 Days in the Netherlands! This edition we will take you to Appelscha and to Havelte. We offer you O-races of great quality like you are used of us. For stage 1 we take you to the map “Bosberg”. Participants of the 2019 Edition might remember this map. We were able to add a little piece of terrain to the map. A challenging map with a lot of small contours but also with quite some tracks. For stage 2 we will take you to Havelte-West. This is a military training area and the map was completely revised in 2022.

We are very glad the State Forestry (“Staatsbosbeheer”) and the Ministry of Defense granted us permission to use these two beautiful maps “Bosberg” and “Havelte-West”.

In this bulletin you can find the initial information we can offer you. Check our website www.drenthe2days.nl and follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/drenthe2days/) to follow and read our news and updates immediately.


Organizing club: HOC’93
Chairman organizing committee: Ton Roos
Race Leader: Clemens Roos
Secretary/CC: Esther Bosman
Logistics and Finance: Adriaan Baas
IOF Event advisor: Wil Alards
Course planner Stage 1: Anne Heikoop
Controller Stage 1: Wil Alards
Course planner Stage 2: Olga Zwikker
Controller Stage 2: Klaas de Jong

Drenthe 2 Days

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Contact: info@drenthe2days.nl