The results and splits of stage 1, stage 2 and the overall results.

After two beautiful stages of the Drenthe 2 Days 2023 on the Bosberg and Havelte-West we can look at  the results:

The results of stage 1

The results of stage 2

Overall results

The splits of stage 1

The splits of stage 2

The courses of stage 1 on Livelox

The courses of stage 2 on Livelox

Congratulations to our winners of the WRE in the W2 and M21 on Saturday (see also below). And of course congratulations to all the winners of the Drenthe 2 Days in the different classes.

M21 (41) 6,5 km 0 m 23 C
Pl Name Club Time
1 Yannick Michiels Turun Metsänkävijät 33:43
2 Benjamin Anciaux BOMT 35:12
3 Toby Scott OLV Steinberg 36:04
3 Rune De Clercq TROL Belgium 36:04
W21 (23) 4,6 km 0 m 17 C
Pl Name Club Time
1 Tille De Smul Omega 30:35
2 Hannah Thiels TROL Belgium 36:56
3 Greet Oeyen hamok 37:31

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