Dear Orienteering friends,

HOC’93 kindly invites you for the 4th edition of the Drenthe 2 Days 2023. This 4th edition will take place on 28th and 29th of October 2023. HOC’93 is still busy negotiating with the forestry. We are trying hard to offer at least one new map but in these times of a lot of pressure on nature the talks are difficult and hard. Luckily HOC’93 has some beautiful maps which we can use nevertheless to organize a beautiful Drenthe 2 Days 2023.

In spring 2023 we will publish the information about the location, maps etc. We will open the entries around the same time. A WRE for the international elites is also our plan. In all cases, please block your agenda the last weekend of October 2023  for the Drenthe 2 Days 2023.

Ton Roos
Chairman HOC’93